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During our years of working in various areas; we have seen the systematic and planned destruction of the youth, with multitudes of their lives being irreparably wrecked; while they are still teenagers.

We have seen a set pattern, and an ever-escalating cycle, which devours the youth and continues from generation to generation.

This system has operated in every area we have been to; only the scale and the intensity thereof have differed.

It was an attack on the foundation of these young girls’ lives, which in a large measure, was and is succeeding in stopping them – from building anything decent in their lives; as by the time they are 20 years old, the foundation upon which they are to build a life has for many been irreparably destroyed.

Due to the circumstances in these locations, most live in poverty; most come from single-parent homes; and they feel uncared for, as well as unloved; and they are ignorant of the basic principles of morality. 


They are far from God, and looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places. 


The mothers of these children are frequently heavy alcohol abusers; and the children from their earliest days play in the street day and night without any adult supervision or curfew; and some of them prefer being outside; because their homes are crowded with uncles, cousins and brothers and sisters: all living in a one-room house and many of them having to sleep on the floor.

Even though most know who their fathers are they play no part in the child’s life.

From the girl’s youth, she grows up wounded – and with rejection by those who are supposed to care for her.

The system which destroys these valuable girls works like this: In these areas, older boys are rebellious and violent with the majority of them being alcohol and drug abusers, whose minds have been corrupted by the examples around them and the hardships of living in a sin-besotted community.

These youths cannot provide for a family; they cannot look after themselves or anyone else; so, to gratify their lusts, they prey upon and deceive young girls who are impressionable, who are uncared for at home; and who are at an age, when they are vulnerable, ignorant and still innocent.

These boys use the bit of money they get to dress to impress and to appear well off.

They then try to lure girls from about 13 years old into their webs, give them small gifts, offer them alcohol or drugs; and they promise them the world in exchange for sex.

These poor gullible girls, who aren’t shown any love by their parents, are taken back that someone now pays them attention; and too often, they fall into this trap.

The boys rob these girls of their virginity and use them, leaving them pregnant, addicted to drugs or a habitual alcohol drinker, with patterns now built into their lives, which lead them to further trauma and hardship.

By the time these girls find out that the promises made to them are like the morning mist, which disappears when the sun comes out, it is already too late for many of them. The damage has been done. Some girls are already mothers in junior school, with even larger numbers in high school.  

In South Africa, 1 in 3 girls are single mothers before they are 20 (a teenage pregnancy). 

That is the national average; but in these hotspot areas, the average can be as high as 4 out of 5!

This wrecks the girl’s life, as well as her child’s life.

Such babies are often born with Alcohol Fetal Syndrome; and then the next generation carries on the same cycle.

Many homes are third generation single-parent homes; and it is not uncommon for parents to be grandparents; while they are still in their middle thirties.

Added to this fire, there is the constant TV bombardment – teaching these young minds to be sexual, to wear revealing clothes, and to drink alcohol.

Purity and innocence are beautiful things; but this system robs the girls of these qualities, as well as their future and their souls.

They live in circumstances, in which they are tempted daily to drink alcohol; and with the hardship of their lives, the ability to drink and forget temporarily is a huge temptation. The bad examples of role models, the openly pornographic and demonic music, the peer pressure, the high drug and alcohol use – all make this a dangerous wilderness, in which these sheep find themselves.

This systematic defilement machine operates in every area we go to; and it works day and night; it works in the schools; and it works in the streets; it works on weekdays; and it is on full throttle at the weekends.


In addition to the temptations to indulge in wilful sin, the government statistics tell us that one out of every four women born in South Africa will be raped in their lifetime.

One out of every four little girls born into our country will suffer terrible and violent abuse, which will scar them for life.

The figure of one in four is the national average.

But in areas riddled with drug addiction, gangsterism and widespread alcohol abuse, made up largely of broken homes with absentee parents, the rates are as high as – in my opinion – three out of four. 


The Eastern Cape and Western Cape (where we operate) have a notoriously high rate of sexual abuse of women and children.

They call the Cape flats the Cape of rape; as the abuse of women is so widespread that it is seen as a part of life.

Because of the fear of violence, the lack of trust for the Police, and being put to shame for being a victim; only 1 in 30 rapes is ever reported to the police; and of those that are reported, the conviction rate is very low.

After seeing these things, we compiled a program that deals with all the issues a young lady will face in life – from a biblical perspective.

We show them through the wisdom of the bible the ways to survive the jungle they live in, and how to come out conquerors through following Jesus Christ and His word.

There are temptations that beset them daily that previous generations never had to deal with.

The snares of this age are cruel and dangerous; but we believe that if they follow Jesus, He will lead them through the valley of the shadow of death, and make them lie down in green pastures beside the still streams.

The program we have developed to combat this is the Young Ladies Survival Guide; and it is taught at High Schools around the Eastern and Western Cape.


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