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The Young Ladies’ Survival Guide contains ten lessons.


Here is a short overview of the content of each lesson.


Lesson 1: The way to life 


How God’s word is to be your guide; that you cannot trust your own understanding and heart, but must rely on His truth. How hearing the word of the Lord will restore broken lives and areas. What it means to hear; that the word of God must control your heart, mind, hands, mouth, feet and eyes. Getting wisdom. Following Jesus to life.


Lesson 2: Consequences


How the choices you make when you are young will affect your whole future. Learning from other people’s mistakes. Laying a solid foundation, so that a good future can be built upon it.  Remembering your Creator in the days of your youth.


Lesson 3: The paths set before you 


Blessings and curses, what brings each one upon a person and a home


Lesson 4: External stimuli, role models and demonic influences


Satan, in a way never before possible, is shaping the thoughts and values of the youth through the mainstream media. Sex, rebellion and violence comprises the trough that they have drunk from since infancy. Snakes’ eggs: how they are planted in your mind, and what they bring forth when practised. We show them how their senses are to be guarded against sin, their eyes and ears, as well as the damage sinful images and stimuli will have on a person’s soul. How role models influence behaviour, and what example to follow. Guarding your heart.


Lesson 5: Friends


Boyfriends, the danger they pose.  How bad boyfriends wreck ladies whole futures and many times turn them to lifelong sinful patterns. Wolves, who they are, what do they do, and how to spot them. Friends of the same gender, choosing wisely and what to flee from and how to discern the misleaders.


Lesson 6: Bad situations 


The abuse of women; how it works, and how to avoid it. Most of such abuse is committed by someone known to the victim. How to see the bad situations abusers try to get their victims into. Wisdom on how to discern dangerous places and people and behaviours. Stranger abuse, how it happens, where it happens, and how to take precautions to prevent it from happening. Situations, which can lead to wilful sin, and how to avoid them.


Lesson 7: True value 


How Satan tries to destroy a person’s true worth through lies and deceit. How different people have different values. That a valuable lady loves Jesus and obeys Him, that she is faithful and can be trusted, that she remains a virgin until marriage, that she is not influenced and cannot be bought with money, that she dresses decently, that she acts with grace and decency, and has boundaries that are never crossed. How important it is to be of good reputation and the eternal glories that wait for such special ladies.


Lesson 8: Virginity and the sanctity of marriage 


How it is God's will that all should abstain from sexual activity outside of marriage. Wearing the precious coat of virginity until marriage, and being aware of those who try to disrobe you. How all sexual activity outside of marriage is sinful, defiling and dangerous? The benefits and blessings of being a pure lady, and the consequences and hardship of choosing sexual immorality. That someone who loves you will wait for you and work for you. How a girl is to test her boyfriend to see that he is not a drug addict and is trustworthy. How a godly relationship is to work. Not awakening love until it is time. Why sexual sin is so heinous in the eyes of God. The punishments for disobeying God's commands. Making a vow to remain a virgin until marriage. The benefits of being a pure lady.


Lesson 9: Alcohol, drugs and smoking 


From the beginning, alcohol has brought suffering. What to expect from drinking. Where drunks end up. The dangers ladies face when they drink. King’s children don’t drink. Alcohol is a snake. Smoking, why people do it. How it is an imitation of evil, pollution of the body and soul and unfaithfulness to God.


Lesson 10: Completion of the Survival training


Finishing the race. Directions to the runners to implement the word of God in their lives, to flee from all known sin, to pray constantly, to fast regularly, work hard, and to do whatever you do to the best of your abilities, as unto the Lord – for His glory and kingdom. Finishing the course set before you.


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