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The YMGG is taught at schools around the Eastern Cape and Western Cape with us focusing on the problem areas like the northern areas in Port Elizabeth and the Cape Flats in Cape Town. 


The program is presented free of charge; and it fits into a school term.


We go over all the lessons in 6 or 7 weeks. 


At each school where we present them, we book a day with the school then. Then we present the program to the learners every week of the term on that day of the week.

For the schools, which do not have a hall, the course presenter will stay at the school for a whole day and present the program to smaller groups.

Every period, a new group comes; and they are taught the lessons.

At schools with a hall, we usually select a grade and see that grade for one period per week.

Those who attend the classes are given a DVD filled with hundreds of audio sermons and gospel songs.

This is an excellent way whereby we can give large quantities of good biblical literature in a cost-effective way to audiences, which would otherwise live and die in the dark. 


It is also in a format to which they will give their attention (as reading went out of fashion when the TV came into fashion).


Most houses have a DVD player, or at least know someone with a DVD player – so we use this as a tool to spread the gospel of Jesus.

We also give those attendees who we see are attentive and enthusiastic a copy of the manual from which we teach – for them to study at home and use for future reference – on condition they promise to read the whole manual.

We cannot give everyone a manual, as they are reasonably expensive to print; and we choose to present the program to a few thousand a week; but we give a reasonable number per school, believing it is a spiritual investment, and an enormous asset in the journey to heaven, to those who care to walk that path.

The school principals see the problems of rampant drug use, the abuse of alcohol, the learners’ disinterest in their studies, violence, rebellious behaviour and low pass rates; so they are happy to accommodate us; and they are thankful for the guidance we offer to their learners and the change we bring to their schools. 


We also are thankful to them for the opportunity they give us to use their schools as a vehicle to forward the work of Jesus Christ.


We aim at changing the hearts. Once the heart is changed, the whole life is changed.


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