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 men's guide to godliness overview
 men's guide to godliness overview
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men's guide to godliness

teaching young men to follow Jesus



Lesson 1: Standing

We show how the men in the bible stood against evil and unrighteousness in all its forms. Even when it cost them their lives. The areas we operate in are ruined and ruled by sin. We show the youth how much of the world bows before sin, and are only concerned with their own personal interests. We set out and explain to them how men are to stand, stand for the testimony of Jesus, stand against temptation, stand for righteousness, stand against evil, stand up for the weak and oppressed, and stand against what is a danger to others.


Lesson 2: Show yourself a man

Be a builder, like Noah, who endured mockery and ridicule from those around him for the building of a place of safety for his family. You too are to build a spiritual sanctuary, according to God's specs for you family that will be able to withstand the coming storm. Being the spiritual priest of your family and lighting the lamps of God's word daily showing those in your house the ways of the word of God. Carrying your family into the very Presence of Jesus daily. Fighting for your family, as did David, to rescue your family from the captivity of sin.


Lesson 3: The way to life

We show them of all the paths put before them that the only one of those many paths that will lead them heaven, happiness and lasting fulfillment is the path the word of God leads them on. How important it is to base all one’s choices on the word of God.


Lesson 4: The good warfare

Wars and fighting are sinful and destructive. We show them the one good warfare they are to fight, the war against the flesh, the world and the devil. How to fight it and come out a conqueror through Jesus Christ.


Lesson 5: The paths set before you

Blessings and curses, what brings each one upon a person’s life and home.


Lesson 6: Consequences

How the choices you make when you are young will affect your whole future. Learning from other people’s mistakes. Laying a solid foundation so that a good future can be built upon it. Remembering your Creator in the days of your youth.


Lesson 7: Alcohol, drugs and smoking

Even though it is obvious and self-evident that these things are destructive; many through constant exposure to these things, still see this as an acceptable way of life. From the beginning, alcohol brought suffering. What to expect from drinking. Where drunks end up. We show them the dangers and consequences of partaking of these poisons.


Lesson 8: External influences

Snakes’ eggs, how they are planted; and what they bring forth, when practised. Satan in a way never before possible is shaping the thoughts, the values of the youth, and planting evil ideas in their minds. Sex, rebellion and violence comprise the trough from which they have drunk – since infancy. We show them how their senses are to be protected against sin, and their eyes and ears to be on guard. The damage that sinful images and stimuli will do to a person’s soul. How role models influence behaviour; and what example we should follow. Guarding your heart.


Lesson 9: The plague

How a plague is rapidly spreading through the world, the plague of the mistreatment and misuse of women. RSA is the rape capital of the world. This is so sad to say; but many men in RSA are rapists and women abusers – especially in poor areas. The different strains of the plague. How the plague is spread. How to be cured from the plague; and how women are to be protected by all decent men.


Lesson 10: Overcoming sin

It isn’t easy to grow up in a society filled with gross sin, sin that pours forth out of the TV, internet and is openly proclaimed in song and openly practised in public view. We teach them principles on which to build into their lives; on how to avoid sin; how to get free from besetting sin and to walk in righteousness.


Lesson 11: Hearing God speak

How the Holy Spirit speaks, and what He leads you to. Why many don’t hear. What makes Him stop speaking to a person, and how to hear and follow Him to heaven and glory.


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